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Words Matter

Monday got you down? Well, turn that frown upside down!

For many people, today marks the first day of their first full work week following the holidays. But don't let that get you down! The words and pictures you tell yourself create your reality - so make it a good one!


"Your thoughts control your feelings.

Your feelings control your actions.

Your actions control your events.

When you take charge of your thoughts,

you take control of your whole life" -Marisa Peer


So, let's turn your case of the Mondays into the best day for you - or at least a good one! Instead of telling yourself you are dreading going back to work, or you are overwhelmed by a seemingly endless email box, or feeling unmotivated, talk to yourself about how grateful you are to have job, how needed you are, how good you are going to feel when you clear that email box or complete that task, how good it feels to earn money - whatever the amount - and the things having a job affords you to do. Find the things throughout your day that you enjoy, and grow that feeling. Take an extra moment to appreciate a beautiful design element in your building, share a laugh with a coworker, notice how well your pen flows, or take an extra moment to truly enjoy your lunch of holiday leftovers.


Focus on the things you enjoy to help turn your thoughts from dread to joy. Watch as more positive things follow suit!

Happy Monday!


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