• Step One! Let's chat!

  • RTT Session via Online Video Call (Zoom) + 30 day Follow-up Coaching

  • 1-3 RTT sessions via Online Video Call + 6 months of private coaching

  • RTT Session + Recording Only

  • Move forward from a break-up via Online Video Call (Zoom)

  • Complimentary* Rapid Transformational Therapy Session

  • Intuitive Voice Sessions via Online Video Call (Zoom) or Phone Call

  • 7 or 21 day check in after RTT session via Online Video Call (Zoom)

If you have found additional value from your session, and want to essentially "tip" on your experience with me, you may do so! This allows me to provide complimentary sessions for those where cost is a hindrance, and the sessions I provide through the Emotional Wellness Brigade. Your gratuity is appreciated!
Direct payments may be sent through PayPal 


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