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When Terry, a fellow RTT therapist, first booked with me, the issue he wanted to address was maintaining consistent abundance - financial security. Then he changed it to address a chronic back pain he's felt since his early teens (now mid50's).

Through our session, we were able to identify the physical injury to his back at 11 years old but also the emotional connection he attached to the injury at the time. His body absorbed that emotional decision and has been holding him BACK ever since! Preventing him from living and working to his full potential. Once we identified the root of these issues, we were able to transform and release them, clearing them from his physical and energetic body.

It is amazing how our mind, emotions, feelings work through our body, our physical senses to send us messages, teach us lessons, or hold on to negative emotions - holding us BACK.

If you are feeling held back in some aspect of your life, if you feel a block in physical wellness or emotional wellness, we can identify those connections, transform and release them. It is possible, and you deserve it! 


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