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Let Love In - February!

The longest relationship you have in your life is the one with yourself - let's make it the best one! xo Ariel

Explore your Relationships with a

Soul Contract Session

Explore a relationship - with an ex, parent, friend, anyone - to understand your relationship at a deeper level!

This often includes past life explorations, or regressions to moments of emotional importance or lessons.

Session intentions are for insight and healing.

1.5 hrs: $222


Heal, Connect & Enhance Love

Group Hypnosis Session

at Sienna Moon, Pewaukee WI

Saturday, February 11 at 1pm

- part of their 'Love Yourself Day' celebration during self-love month

- Visit > Sienna Moon for more info and stop on by!


Heal, Connect & Enhance Love

Group Hypnosis Session

on Zoom

Monday, February 13

at 1pm & 5:30pm

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