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Flow with your Cycle

Learn, Connect & Heal your Relationship with your Body

How's your relationship with your body really?

Many of us feel disconnected from our bodies, disconnected from feeling good.

We feel bad because our diet, our morning routine, our transformation hasn't "stuck"?

What if I were to say it's because you're not paying attention to your female hormonal cycle?

The more I have learned about the female hormonal cycle, the better I have felt in my life, my body, my transformations - and the easier my clients have found it as well.

Our hormonal cycle doesn't make us crazy or weak....

it makes us Powerful!

I'm teaming up with Grace, the owner of Sienna Moon, to host an in-person workshop to learn more about the female hormonal cycle, connect in community, and experience a group RTT session to heal and enhance the connection with your body!

The inspiration came for this event after Grace had an RTT session with me! She went from having debilitating periods to luxurious periods!

It is available for everyone to have a harmonious relationship with their body!

Not local for this event?

Email me about online sessions or for further information about this topic!

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