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Sienna Moon + Ariel

I'm happy to announce that I will be seeing clients in-person at Sienna Moon, a crystal and wellness shop on Pewaukee Lake, in Pewaukee Wisconsin!

Wednesdays and Thursdays through the winter you can come in person to work with me!

I felt a special connection to Sienna Moon the first time the universe brought it into my Facebook feed! When I went to see the store its opening week, the connection became even stronger! From their street address 213 aligning with my universe signs of 123 number series, the gold gilding running all through the store - always having a special sense of magic with me and reminiscent of my former bridal shop, having 'transformation' written right on the windows, the windows that overlook the gorgeous sunset over Pewaukee Lake - where I was lucky enough to call home for a bit too. Then I met the owners, Grace and Michelle... These wonderful women are so kind and welcoming!

It felt amazing to have more people in my vortex, in my home area, to use my real language with!

After explaining the work that I do with hypnotherapy, Grace really wanted to work with me for her period pain. We had an amazing session, reflecting on past wounds and outdated beliefs, upgrading her relationship with her body, and transforming the communication to be clear, direct and supportive between her and her body. She felt the immediate understanding and transformation that comes with the deep subconscious work. Then a few months later, as the messaging integrated into her body, she called me up saying she had virtually no period pain!!! And the relationship with her and her body was happier and stronger than ever!

And she asked me to be a practitioner in her amazing space!

So much alignment! I am really looking forward to serving clients in person at Sienna Moon!

Visit Sienna Moon to learn more about their crystal and wellness shop! To book an in-person service with me, choose Sienna Moon as the location on Wednesday or Thursdays, or drop by to say hi!

Learn more about the way I support clients here!

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