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Journey to RTT

Crying on the floor of my kitchen for the gazillionth time, in early 2017 I finally took the leap to invest in myself and my personal growth by scheduling a Rapid Transformational Therapy session.

I cried about romantic relationship issues, job issues, and financial strain. But what I was really crying about was feeling like I was NOT ENOUGH.

The enlightening Rapid Transformational Therapy session (RTT) allowed me to identify the root of the issue within myself, and shifted the foundation of my confidence, my self worth, to knowing I AM ENOUGH.

Since then, I have become a certified RTT therapist, trained by the founder, Marisa Peer, herself. I am here to help you transform your life, to get you off the floor and onto the top of your mountain, to know YOU ARE ENOUGH!

Start the new year off right! Invest in yourself! Message me, Ariel, about how RTT can help you! I’d love to chat and provide further insight!

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