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Algorithms of the Universe

The thing about algorithms is that they still act as an agent of the universe.

While talking with a colleague, she mentioned how seeing “all those posts about Meghan and Harry” boosted her energy to step into her own power in a difficult situation she encountered today. I pointed out to her that my feed was not comprised of such messaging and that I actually didn’t even know what happened with Meghan and Harry. But the universe had provided her the messages she needed that day.


If you set your intention to the receiving mode, the internet acts as a gear of the universe. Whether or not the internet is comprised of algorithms made by Mark Zuckerberg in math class, it is acting as an agent of the universe, drawing in and showing you the information that you need, the energy you are drawing into your life. In a way, your Facebook feed is a visual representation of what you’re putting into your vortex. Use it to your advantage. Put out what you want to attract in. Follow the pings, not as senseless rabbit holes of the interwebs, but as a meditation in following your intuition and spirit guides. What messages are you receiving today?

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