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Client Experience: Anxiety

Love receiving this text message from a client today about finding new job postings she is excited and confident about!

This client came to me a few months ago looking for clarity and direction in pursuing a new career path. She had a wall of anxiety keeping her from moving forward -towards anything! We first did a session focusing on understanding where the anxiety stemmed from in her life. Then, transformed and released the anxiety in the session. We did a follow up session on revealing life purpose or career steps. It’s amazing to see how the shifts in this client’s personal beliefs have increased her confidence for pursuing other jobs! Because she is ENOUGH and totally has the power to pursuit her dreams!

You, too, are Enough! You have the power to pursuit your dreams! If you are facing anxiety about your next career steps, let’s connect and help you release those blocks! Message me, Ariel, or visit my website for more information 💖

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