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Free Consultation
        Zoom Meeting

In this call we will get to know each other, discuss the issue you want transformed, answer any questions you have about RTT or working with me!

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Connect & Enhance
Transformational Package


Intake Session


Rapid Transformational Therapy Session


Bespoke Transformational Recording


7 Day
Follow up


21 Day
Follow Up

I'll guide you to connect to the deep all-knowing part of yourself to identify why your issue was developed, work to release or transform it, and connect yourself to your inner truth - aligning you to be a vibrational match to your desires, and set you on a course to receiving them!

You will receive a personalized transformational recording to support your journey to listen to a minimum of 21 days. It takes 21 days to form a habit, and we are working on creating a new habit of thought and emotion about to transform your issue. I will also have 2 follow ups to support you after the session. 

The logical mind cannot override decisions or beliefs made in emotions. Working in your deep emotional, subconscious state has a powerful impact in transforming and enhancing your life.

Soul Contract Session

Explore a relationship - with an ex, parent, friend, anyone - to understand your relationship at a deeper level!

This often includes past life explorations, or regressions to moments of emotional importance or lessons. 

Session intentions are for insight and healing. 




When you’re doing inner work and going through transformations, tests/opportunities can show up at any time. Intuitive coaching sessions are really helpful in the process of integrating transformations. We can do conscious talk processing, or inner voice work - where we tap into your internal guidance, do a cord cutting meditation, or an Akashic record reading. Whatever you may need for support!

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