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Yeti Valentine

In 2018, this was my Valentine.

This giant stuffed Yeti a friend lent me to help cope with a devastating recent break up.

The relationship I broke away from had vibrated at soulmate level - but he wasn't picking me, he wasn't showing up in the ways I needed. It broke not only my heart, but my soul. I cried from a deeper place than I'd ever cried before. Other break-ups I cried from a broken heart, this time I cried from a broken soul. And nothing else was going good at that time either. I was working just under full time, making not enough money to cover my base expenses. My familial relationships were extremely tense. I had distanced myself from my friends. I was adrift in how to move forward and couldn't have felt worse. But I was ready for a change. I wanted to feel better. I was ready to feel better.

Feb. 16th, 2018 I had a Rapid Transformational Therapy session and it changed my life.

Connecting to my subconscious mind, the therapist regressed me back to identify when I developed the beliefs that were now having such a negative impact on my life. Understanding when and why I developed these feelings was SO powerful. That clarity gave me the power to move forward. Then, we were able to transform and upgrade those stuck, old beliefs and instill new, positive, powerful ones. Connecting to your subconscious mind changes the neural pathways in your brain, instilling much deeper, more powerful, and pervasive impact in your life.

Deeply changing my beliefs about myself, allowed me to be a vibrational match to my manifestations. This Valentine's Day I spent with my love. Not needing validation from him, but receiving it. Feeling loved daily, because I have a new level of love within myself.

Now I'm an RTT therapist and ready to help you. If you're ready for this change in your life, if you're ready to be a vibrational match to your manifestations, if you're ready to draw love into your life, if you're ready to love yourself unconditionally, send me a message.

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