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Who's Falling in Love in the time of Corona?

Who's falling in love in the time of corona? My clients!


💑After over a decade of dating, and a number of years being hung up on the same wrong guy, Mary had her RTT session in January to release her love blocks. They came down to lack of self confidence creating distrust in her relationships. Within weeks, she met a guy through a dating app, they have psuedo-quarantined together during the pandemic, and they are talking fall engagement!


💞After years of international meet-cutes ala blockbuster rom-coms, Ann, through coaching with me, finally removed the "joke" of it all, and is ready to receive the real deal. She is leaning into dating, leading with her heart and setting her mental blocks on the side lines.


💥Brittany went almost 3 months of the pandemic without being intimate with her partner. This disconnect of intimacy was a symptom of a disconnect within herself and her higher self. Within the 3 weeks after her RTT session, she was happy to share they had made love twice! She felt a higher connection to herself and her partner!


Rapid Transformation Therapy works! It works on a deep subconscious level to help remove or transform stuck beliefs that are holding you back from the love you desire, the love you deserve. Yes, love IS available to you - even during a pandemic! If you are ready to release your blocks to love or intimacy, or are curious about working with me, send me a message and we'll set up a chat!

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