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When you are drowning...

How many times have we felt like this?

Drowning in the stress and chaos of our life?

My first Rapid Transformational Therapy session was really powerful and at the end, as the therapist was drawing me out of hypnosis, I received a “bonus” scene. Through RTT, we use regression to access scenes that caused or are at the root of the basis for some negative belief or block in your life, in order to understand where and why it developed to then transform and release it. Without using the steps for regression, I experienced another scene.

The root of my issue ended up being a fear of letting go and not being enough. I was afraid of being alone. In the bonus scene, I was drowning. I was young at a water park with my even younger sister and it started to rain heavily. For whatever reason, we had to cross a section of the pool in order to get out, but it was deeper than I could stand. I gave my little sister a big push from one side to swim across to the other, and then when she started to slow down, I pushed off and with my momentum, gave her another big push – allowing her to reach the other side. In doing so, I started drowning.

The therapist asked me how did I get out.

I said someone saved me.

Who saved you?

God pulled me out.

Whatever and however that scene unfolded that day, the message in my session was very clear.

I am not alone. I am never alone. None of us are ever alone. God is always here for us.

Right now, many of us may feel like we are drowning, like we are in the darkness, we may feel alone, disconnected, isolated. Perhaps it is not a coincidence that the peak of this pandemic coincides with Passover, Easter, and Ramadan. Abraham Hicks refers to “coincidence” as cooperative incident.

Perhaps this is the reminder we needed.

I can easily recall a time when I described my life as feeling as though I was drowning. Like my family was drowning. When we felt so far from the shores of safety and assurance. When everything seemed to be going wrong. However, I look back and see that time differently now.

I see those times of struggle as times we were challenged, yes. But times when we were guided. Times when we were learning. Times when we came together. Times that expanded our love, our relationships, our faith.

I never felt comfortable going to church. I felt insecure about knowing less than the other kids, even though I walked the Holy Land at 9 years old. I preferred going to Big Church with the adults. My faith has taken on a level of expansion from the basis of my Sunday school stories. Throughout my journey, I believe I have a broader appreciation for the love and light of God. I now interact with God in so many ways, I see Him in more places, I feel him in more people, I interact more with the facilitators of His light. And I now work to help instill that connection in others, to reconnect them to this Light.

Although we can’t congregate the way we are used to this weekend, regardless of the name of your faith, you are not alone. We are never alone. None of us are alone.

Today, I’m going to take some time to reflect and surrender. Reflect on all the moments God, Source Energy, Love, the Great I Am, YHWH, the Holy Spirit, the Universe has shown up for me in my life, and surrender myself, my life, my soul, my love, my energy to it once again. To connect and remember where I came from, what I am part of, Who I am part of.

We are all made of stardust. We are all made of Love. We are all Enough.

In the Christian faith, today is not called Dark Friday, Black Friday, Sad Friday, or Hopeless Friday… it’s called Good Friday. See the Good in this time. See the Good in today. See the Good in the dark, for it is not hopeless.

And Ask. Ask for guidance if you do not see it. Ask for love if you do not feel it. Ask for peace, for health, for goodness. Reach out when you are drowning.

Give thanks for guidance and you will see it.

Give thanks for love and you will feel it.

Give thanks for health and you will be it.

Give thanks for peace and you will know it.

Be the good and you will reap it.

May peace and love be with you always, for

you are loved always and in all ways.

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