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Wellness Tips

I humbly acknowledge that the recent news and regulations have not had much of a direct impact on my life. I already worked from home, my partner is still able to go to his job, I have no children who are now home, and my at risk loved ones are so far still healthy.

That being said, I have also experienced waves of overwhelm and immense anxiety surrounding the news and regulations recently imposed. The fear is in all the unknowns fostered by a seeming lack of coordination and leadership. That being said, I want to provide some tips and resources for staying calm and grounded during this time based on my personal experience and training and current line of work.

1. Relax and Heal: Guided Meditation

I have created a free guided meditation recording to alleviate anxiety and promote personal health and well being. It is available on my website. I haven't figured out how to share it as a downloadable link through my website yet, but I can email it to you directly for you to have as well. LISTEN HERE

2. Monitor your Well-Being

The Law of Attraction would promote not giving this pandemic any energy, implying not talking about it, or paying it any attention. However, that is very difficult to constructively apply and there's information that people need to know that directly impacts them such as their jobs moving or regulations on travel etc. But monitor your well-being. Monitor how you feel when absorbing the information. Personally, it is more difficult for me to watch the news, rather than read or listen to it. When I watch the news, I become much more overwhelmed and fearful. So I regulate the amount of time I watch. When I feel myself getting more anxious, more worked up, I change the channel, watch something else, talk about something else, or do something else. I am staying informed, but controlling how much information I am absorbing.

3. Create or Follow Safe Spaces

Being a Rapid Transformational Therapist and someone who practices meditation and consciousness, I am also connected to a lot of like-minded people on social media. I am fortunate that most of my IG feed has been messages encouraging a sense of calm and hope. Look for those people and follow them. Many people are sharing free yoga practices or meditations (like my guided meditation) - bring more of that energy into your feed - it will help ease that anxiety. And monitor how many posts regarding anxiety you are reading through.

Through my IG and Facebook feed, I generally share these types of messages. When I felt really depressed or overwhelmed in my life, I actually made a separate IG account that just shared and followed nature pictures. I love taking pictures of natures and sharing inspirational poems, or messages, or descriptions of the scene at hand. It brings me a lot of peace. I was able to find and follow other IG's who's feeds also were primarily nature based images. This created a safe space for me to review and connect. I will be sharing more of these images again on my nature based IG TODAY IN THE PINES for you to follow if you are interested.

Even if you search in Pinterest for images you enjoy, or google search images or memes that bring you peace when you start to feel anxious or overwhelmed. This will help.

4. Inward and Upward: The answers are within your inner guidance system

I provide sessions to connect and dialogue to your inner voice, what I call "Soul Talks." In these sessions we are able to quiet the conscious, egoic, fear-based mind and tune in, tap in to your inner self, inner guidance system, subconscious mind that is connected to the collective consciousness. We can answer whatever questions you have regarding the pandemic, your personal safety, anxiety, and any other questions you may have. I love these sessions as they often provide very beautiful, loving, and grounding messages. You can message me or book a Soul Talk call HERE

5. Inner Healing

This is a great time to work on your self care, soul care, and overall well-being. In my work as a Rapid Transformational Therapist, I guide people through transforming and releasing their blocks. Blocks that show up as anxiety, blocks in intimacy or relationships, blocks with their body such as weight issues, uncomfortable menstrual cycles, upleveling in their careers or discovering their purpose, and overall helping primarily women who feel disconnected, not worthy, not loveable, not enough.

A client who worked with me to release her relationship and intimacy blocks, joked with me about the social distancing being a new barrier to dating. However, it is an excellent time to work on self love, self acceptance, and enhancing your relationship with yourself. Other clients have noted an increase in their self-acceptance and self-love practices during this time especially. (They have been women in the UK and Denmark who have already been under social distancing or quarantine regulations for more time than in the US.)

If there is a block coming forward in your life, and issue that you keep putting off or that keeps coming up, now is a great time to work on that. RTT goes beyond traditional talk therapy and hypnotherapy by tapping into your subconscious mind, the part of you that is connected to your emotions and inner beliefs, using regression to identify the root of your issues, then upgrade, transform and release those stuck, old, negative, blocked belief patterns. It's fascinating and easy. And I already work with people primarily online! The basic format involves a 2 hour RTT session, a guided meditation recording to listen to for the following 21 days (so great to do while in social distancing), and follow up coaching with me. If you are resonating to any of this information, please send me a message if you are curious about working with me!

6. Listen to Podcasts

I love listening to podcasts because they help me feel less isolated. Unlike watching a tv show, I can continue doing housework or projects easily with my head phones on and hands free listening to a podcast on my phone. Podcasts lead by one person still being delivered to the audience and feel more conversational, and podcasts with multiple leads or with interviews are full dialogues and conversations. Listening to those help me feel less alone as I feel included in a discussion. I have tons of inspirational podcast suggestions, and have been interviewed or involved with several podcasts myself! To listen to interviews or discussions featuring me, head to the PODCAST tab under Meet Ariel on my website! For other recommendations, send me a message! Similarly, I love audiobooks and am currently listening to Untamed by Glennon Doyle.

Sending love 💖

Be well,


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