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My Journey to RTT

When I hit the biggest block of my life, everything seemed to be falling apart. I was fired from a dream job, I couldn't afford my cute little house, my love life was in shambles, my familial relationships were extremely tense, I was isolating myself from my friends, and and and and, and sooo much crying. I was so overwhelmed by how pervasive my issues were showing up in my life, I couldn't identify "what" was wrong, what I wanted to fix, or how I needed help. But I knew I did. That's when I had my first Rapid Transformational Therapy session.

When I turned the light on, the big scary unknown monster in my closet turned out to just be my stuff.

What made my RTT session so life changing, is through identifying what the issue was, where it began and why, that understanding gave me the power to move forward. When I turned the light on, the big scary unknown monster in my closet turned out to just be my stuff. Stuff that I can organize, throw away, or wear whenever I choose. My issue ended up being a fear of letting go and not being enough. The RTT session shed light on my issue, but also reframed my feelings from being based in fear to one of empowerment, and gave me the tools to move forward in strength and confidence.

Everything in my life didn't change overnight, but I did. Life continues to throw curveballs and challenges at me, but the way I respond has changed, the way I feel has changed, my understanding about myself has changed.

But bit by bit, life followed suit.

Better jobs flowed in, money flowed in, affordable housing flowed in, friendships renewed, familial relationships healed and prospered, love flowed in because I flowed in. My situation changed because I changed.

I have since become trained and certified by Marisa Peer, founder of Rapid Transformational Therapy, because I believe it is my soul mission to be the guiding light in your healing journey. Because I want to help you feel great about yourself, feel loved, feel abundant, feel like you are worthy, you are enough, because I know you are.

If you any of my story resonates with you or piques your curiosity about RTT, please send me a message, and we'll set up a free phone chat. We'll walk this path together, bring the light in, and transform your life.

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