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Lonely or Alone?

This guy makes me smile from ear to ear! 😃He is out of town for work, and video called me just to share with me his mountain view.

Before I had an RTT session, I felt so lonely inside. Whether I had a partner or not, whether I was with friends or family or not, there was a loneliness inside me. And when I did have a partner, stage 5 clinger over here! I once had a boyfriend say he felt like Jack letting go of the safety raft from the Titanic when he left hanging out with me! When I started dating my current partner, we lived and worked together full time. So I'm not used to him being away for an hour let alone out of town for days. But here's the big thing - I'm ok! I'm not calling or texting him constantly throughout the day, or getting upset if he didn't message me in the morning, or demanding he tell me where he's going all the time, or crying that I miss him throughout the nights he's gone. I'm actually okay. I'm ok because he doesn't complete me. I'm ok because my self worth doesn't come through his attention. I'm ok because I trust him, and trust in wherever our journey takes us. I'm ok because I complete me. I'm ok because I love myself. I'm ok because I feel connected to my inner being, my inner light, and I feel connected to the loving light of the universe. My self worth is inherent inside me. Love is inherent inside me. I feel good because I feel good - partner or not. This shift, this realignment inside myself, this deep inner connection came through my own experience with Rapid Transformational Therapy. It helped me remove those self doubts, transform my inner dialogue, and provide me the power to stand in my inner truth. I am Enough. I am Loveable. I am Worthy. Once I learned this within myself, the partner came in. This smiley guy is the best partner I've ever had, but the best love I have is the love I have for myself. If you are struggling to let love in, or feel love within yourself, message me and let's work together! We'll use Rapid Transformational Therapy to uncover your blocks, transform your inner dialogue, and reconnect you to you - in a deep, powerful way. Let the love you have for yourself, attract a great love in to your life. #iamenough #love

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