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January Full Moon

Oh, beautiful winter full moon at twilight. Such a beautiful sight.

Today is the first full moon of 2020 - the Wolf Moon, and also a lunar eclipse in Cancer. According to Astrotwins, "This watery lunar event can arouse powerful emotions, helping us feel and heal our way into the new decade."

As you are journaling what you are Releasing and Calling In for this full moon cycle, look at your "releasing" column. Have you written these things down before? Do you keep "releasing" that ex? How about low self esteem? Overwhelm or anxiety? Fear of standing out, stepping into your power, feeling good enough?

Rapid Transformational Therapy can help shift your thoughts, shift your base, shift your subconscious to moving towards, living in, being in the receptive mode for your "Calling In" category. An RTT session identifies those deep unknowns, shines a light on the space between where you are and where you want to be, and gives you the transformation and tools to bridge the gap.

Let's release those blocks together, so at the next moon you'll be singing songs of gratitude for your new lover, your new job, your self confidence, your new found voice, your padded wallet, for feeling worthy and knowing you're enough.

If you're curious how RTT can help you, message me, Ariel, and we'll set up a chat!

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