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Find Beauty in the Everyday

I love winter. Maybe it’s because I have a winter birthday or grew up in Wisconsin. But to me, it’s about perspective.

I love the when the tone of the sky reflects on the ground. I love how quiet and calm the earth feels with a blanket of snow. It’s a transition. And I try to find beauty in transition.


If you’re having difficulty feeling good in winter or in any transition of your life, here’s my challenge for you: find one thing of beauty every day. Just one. You can find more. Actually, I’m sure you’ll start to notice more and more as you set your intention to finding something of beauty each day. Take a picture of it, or make a note in your journal, or on a piece of paper, or a note in your phone. Take a moment to pause and recognize it.


You may notice the negative or stressful things in your life fading away. Or maybe you make the conscious choice to unfollow toxic people. Or you may notice, amidst the stress, you feel okay, or better, or at least grounded.


In a day of grounding and centering, deepening my practice to connect to myself and spirit, I took a brief walk and loved seeing the snow caps on these dried weeds, the sky and earth the same shade of blue gray as twilight faded. It was simple and beautiful.


Take notice of the beauty around you and inside you.


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