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Doing "the work" is the journey

Abraham may be all "follow the good feelings" and make it seem like releasing contrast by sending up new rockets of desire is like placing an amazon order for a new beautiful life and having it arrive 3 days later in the mail, with free shipping. But that's not what it's really like.

Releasing the contrast - contrast in itself feels like heartache, a low bank account, another bad date, getting fired, not enjoying your living situation, not feeling satisfied. It feels like and is shadow work, contrast, blocks, anxiety, the unknown, the discomfort.

Releasing the contrast feels and often looks more like building your own house rather than clicking a button on your computer.

Releasing the contrast, healing trauma, growing in yourself, deepening your connection to self and soul, expanding, sending up new rockets of desires - journaling, crying, having RTT sessions, coaching, energy healing, self care, soul, care, eating well, blocking people, having difficult conversations with others, having difficult conversations with yourself, going through break ups, job changes, having a good day, a great day, feeling in alignment, releasing, feeling lighter, shifting, putting up new rockets of desire, receiving - this is all the work.

This is your journey.

This is the human experience.

The trick is to do it in the most aligning way! ✨

I have lived, grown, worked through and continue to expand daily in doing the self work along my growth seeking journey. I try to share some of my experiences, and share the transformations of others, but coming later this summer, Whitney Oppenhuizen, an Intuitive Relationship Coach, and I will be sharing more of our journey with you, what doing the work has and does look like for us, and provide guidance to navigate through doing the work along your growth expansion journey towards soulful relationships as well. We're calling it "The Messy Path" because it's not always shiny pennies we want to share the messiness of our steps along the journey.

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