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Death, Suicide, and Emotional Healing & Support

In February 2021, two days after my birthday, we were told that my manager at the Hypnotherapy school I work virtually for had ended his life.

At 28 years old, David was vibrant, full of life and encouragement, coming across like a supportive friend than a boss. He made my time working virtually, isolated in my house, with a seven hour time difference to him and most of my fellow staff seem inclusive. And whatever dialect of his English accent made him that much funnier and lighter to me.

He was an active futbol player, had moved into his first house, and was expecting his first baby with his girlfriend.

In the months leading up to his transition to spirit, he was experiencing some very odd health issues - seemingly made more difficult to identify with the surge of Covid.

The day I found out, I was completely in shock, and enveloped in grief. Brian, my partner, was supposed to go out of town to work that weekend, and insisted now I come along with him - which I eagerly agreed.

Sitting then alone in a hotel room in Chicago while Brian worked, I could feel this grief consume me. I could feel my energy slipping into the body of David’s girlfriend and seemed bottomless.

That night, I also had a Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) session scheduled with a woman David's same age to help identify and heal the root of her suicidal feelings - that although had subsided from a few years ago, were still haunting.

I knew I had to pull myself together to have any chance at supporting this woman.

There, alone in a hotel room, I connected with support from all over the world… the UK, across America, before connecting that night with my client in Asia.

Through the comfort I received, the best support and guidance came from my medium friend Wendy Terry who wrote a book called, The Different Levels of Death and Suicide. Her experiences with the healing and connecting to the physical and spiritual world helped give me a peaceful understanding about our soul contracts, roles, and how that influences the experiences of our human lives and our soul journeys. Although, it is not to be revealed or fully understood by my human mind the reasons for this experience in David’s life and transition, it helped me reel back my energy to my role in this situation and focus on the message I could learn and experience from it.

For well over a year after his transition, I kept our weekly meeting booked into my work calendar, and used that time to send him and his family loving thoughts, perhaps ask for guidance and support at work, and have an intentional time of connection.

My client session on healing her suicidal thoughts that night was one of the most beautiful sessions I have ever had. It is often hard to relay the understandings shared by emotions and inner guidance, but for her the suicidal thoughts were intended to help her notice and appreciate the beauty of life and how much she is loved. We were able to clear or straighten out the intention of those feelings, to clear the negative, depressing feelings that came along with it, and just open the portal to receiving and feeling supported and loved - as her inner guidance / soul / source energy / God wanted her to know and feel. Once cleared, the outpourings of love and support from her inner guidance to her mind/human self was SO beautiful, we were both covered in happy tears.

That same weekend, my dad was hospitalized for a health issue in his foot, which later ended up marking the beginning of the last 8 months of his life.

I could see a lot of similarities between my dad and David. Both strong, healthy, active, vibrant young men at the precipice of much more in their lives when a large physical issue hit - my dad being 21 when he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.

My dad definitely experienced a lot of depression in his life, a lot of misunderstood, unprocessed and unhealed big emotions. And on his deathbed, I apologized that we didn’t understand and help take care of him better.

Because of the emotional healing and growth I had worked on, when my dad transitioned to spirit, I had a much more grounded, peaceful release and understanding. I still cried, mourned, grieved but I was also able to honor the transition in a way that felt more supportive for me - and my dad.

My healing, my work in hypnosis with the subconscious mind, inner guidance and soul, has given me such a greater understanding of the power of Spirit, the unconditional love of God/grace/Holy Spirit/Universe, it has strengthened my relationship with myself and also with the divine. It has allowed me to connect and feel ‘the peace that surpasses understanding.’

More about my journey with emotional healing and my experience through my Dad's transition to spirit > The Whole Point podcast 3 part series with Ariel

Knowing more about myself, learning growing researching healing my emotions has helped me in countless and undefinable ways. It is important for all people to understand the resources available to them, know that it is possible and available for them to feel better. Working with survivors of severe trauma to heal and release their hurt emotions, has taught me the empowerment of inner work. That the confidence and bravery it takes to say ‘I am ready to face and release this’ is so much better than living under the suffering.

Emotional healing isn’t needed just for people who have experienced ‘big T trauma’ like sexual abuse, but any stuck emotion is read like trauma in the body and can have or continue to inflict detriment to the body and spirit if not addressed and healed.

It feels imperative to point out that, the goal with emotional healing is not to never experience low emotions every again. That is impossible. But there is a strengthening that comes through healing, support, resources, tools, understanding that helps support you, and has leveled up that bottom point, to calibrate more towards alignment, love, and good feelings.

I would encourage everyone in whatever capacity feels aligned to them to learn, connect, and explore healing for themselves and support others around you in doing the same.

The Rapid Transformational Therapy Training School I work for is holding a Men’s Mental Health Symposium in honor of David on the anniversary of his transition to spirit, on February 24th.

I am open to connecting with anyone feeling like they are struggling, and ready to seek a better connection with themselves.

Sending much love to all

❤️ Ariel

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