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Navigating through the messy journey of personal, romantic, and spiritual development
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Join Whitney and Ariel this summer for FREE Virtual New Moon Women's Circles!

- Get to know Whitney and Ariel

- Connect with like-minded womxn

- Set a new moon intention for the coming month

- Share in uplifting and moving through the mess of our lives in communion!

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Womens circles

The Messy path

is NOT

spiritual bypassing

the messy path is about what it looks like to do the work

the messy path is the how

to do the work




stay tuned for more information on how to work with Ariel + Whitney in the messy path course!

meet us

meet us

Whitney’s path has led her directly to the work she does today along the messy path. At the age of 13 she asked the Universe to provide her experience with every type of love. So far, the Universe has not disappointed. Her focus is taking the experiences she’s had, paired with tools she’s developed and a certification in life coaching, to support womxn on their journey toward building a relationship with their intuition and soulful relationships in their lives. She offers 1:1 and group sessions as well as a series of workbooks, meeting her clients where they are on their messy path. 

Connect with Whitney

IG: whit_beingoppen


intuitive Relationship Coach



I set my intention to discover and pursue my soul purpose on the precipice of closing my bridal boutique. In the following years, every aspect of my life was dismantled. My messy path has been wrought with heartbreak and job loss. In accordance with my motto to personal and spiritual growth: inward and upward, I turned to RTT which not only reset the foundation and connection to my inner truth, but also identified the answer to my soul purpose. Now, as a certified Rapid Transformational Therapist, I’m passionate about helping women connect and enhance their relationship with self and soul; teaching them to love themselves deeply, call in and develop romantic relationships, connect to their higher self, and bring an enhanced level of confidence to their life and careers. I believe that our spiritual and personal development journey has no destination, but rather a series of check-points along an ever expanding path. I come to you not at the finish line of my journey, but to uplift and enhance you along yours. To me, the journey is doing the work - learning, growing, connecting, enhancing - through the ups and downs of contrasts and manifestations. The journey is the messy path.
IG:  ariels_cosmos








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