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On this Earth Day, we invite you to gather and connect to the flow of your cycle. Our aim is to educate, honor, celebrate and connect to the Divine Flow - the Divine Flow of Earth Mother that is present in each one of us. The Divine Flow that births worlds, light, creativity, projects, ideas, life, the divine flow that breathes life through us all.


Our minds and bodies are designed to move towards pleasure and away from pain. But our patriarchal society has suppressed pleasure and connection, pushing forward a society where connection with women's bodies are full of shame, pain, and disconnection. Pain brought on by confusion, neglect, and patriarchal imprinting.


Our aim is two parts. First, to educate about the female hormonal cycle, to connect with other women, share in our knowledge and experiences to gain a more expansive understanding about women's bodies, hormones and energy. Then in a group Rapid Transformational Therapy session, we will explore the root of the disconnection within you - to release, reframe, transform your own past stuck wounds, the disconnection within ourselves and our bodies. Through the session we will then reconnect, enhance, honor, celebrate and connect to the divine flow - the power of your cycle, to have a more harmonious connection within our bodies and spirit.

When women gather, magic occurs.


FAQ What if I don't currently have a menstrual cycle?

You can still benefit from this workshop! If you are not currently menstruating, your cycle will coincide with the moon cycle.

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